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Top-10 Luxury Yachts

Even the richest people in the world who has everything that it is only possible to wish, don’t miss opportunity to brag before each other of the welfare.

Monaco Yacht Show, which is annually carried out on one of the most expensive resorts of the world is traditional, attracts a great number of the richest people who represent the luxury yachts. In 2014 following the results of Monaco Yacht Show it was announced Top-10 the most expensive yachts on the planet. These luxury yachts are more similar to the small cities on water and belong to the world’s financial elite. A half of them belongs to the Russian businessmen.

Silver Wind – the smart superyacht by ISA

Silver Wind

You could be forgiven for convinced that Silver Wind is pure arm candy, with her streamlined profile and amazing exterior paintwork. The reality is that her unique propulsion system and pioneering technologies make her one of the smartest yachts on the sea.

There is no doubt that Silver Wind, one of the latest launches from International Shipyards Ancona (ISA) and also the largest in the yard’s Sport line, is a good-looking yacht. She has bold and dramatic exterior lines by Andrea Vallicelli with a sparkling silver paint job that’s earned all the way to the top of the radar mast. A luxurious interior bv Nuvalari Lenard, meanwhile, makes beautiful use of natural colors, warm woods and textural details to balance outdoor spaces.