Top-10 Luxury Yachts

Top-10 Luxury Yachts

Even the richest people in the world who has everything that it is only possible to wish, don’t miss opportunity to brag before each other of the welfare.

Monaco Yacht Show, which is annually carried out on one of the most expensive resorts of the world is traditional, attracts a great number of the richest people who represent the luxury yachts. In 2014 following the results of Monaco Yacht Show it was announced Top-10 the most expensive yachts on the planet. These luxury yachts are more similar to the small cities on water and belong to the world’s financial elite. A half of them belongs to the Russian businessmen.



The most expensive yacht in the world is the pride of the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich. The cost of 163-meter Eclipse is estimated approximately at one billion dollars. The yacht is equipped with two helipads, a cinema, a hairdresser’s salon, a restaurant. According to rumors, the yacht is equipped with a laser defensive system from the paparazzi, who are trying to take pictures of famous guests.



180-meter yacht Azzam belongs to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the United Arab Emirates, whose fortune is estimated at 18 billion dollars. The Azzam yacht was constructed by the German company Lürssen Yachts. On this luxury yacht, which costs is estimated at 627 million dollars, about 50 deluxe rooms is located.



The 147-meter Topaz yacht of the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates Mansour ibn Zayd of Al Nahayan is constructed in 2012 by the Lurssen Yachts company. Its cost is about 527 million dollars. There is a jacuzzi, a helipad, garage, the fitness center, and also movie theater on the yacht.

4. A


The yacht A of the Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko is created by the designer Philippe Starck and costs 390 million dollars. Speaking about its features, we will note water taps which cost 40 thousand dollars, a ladder handrail at the cost of 60 thousand dollars, and also a bed which rotates when pressing the button that allows to see a decline or dawn.



The Russian magnate Yury Sheffler is the owner of the 134-meter Serene yacht. The total area of the closed part makes nearly 4,5 thousand square meters, it has seven decks on which outdoor and indoor pools, a cinema hall open-air are located. Sheffler got the yacht for 330 million dollars in 2011.



Yacht Radiant, valued at $ 320 million, was originally commissioned by the Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, but it was sold to the billionaire from the United Arab Emirates Abdullah Al Futtaym. For defense against pirates, it is equipped with the sound gun which can break off eardrums of malefactors, and also water-cannons which can sink the coming nearer boat at distance more than 90 meters. In addition, there is a speedboat on a yacht, which is designed specifically to escape from the pirates. There is a jacuzzi, the sports hall and garage on Radiant.



Dubai, which length is 162 meters, is one of the biggest yachts in the world. It launched the Prince of Brunei Jeffrey, but then bought the Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It is possible to place 115 guests and crew on the yacht, it has seven decks, the pool, a helipad, and also garage for the small submarine. The cost of the yacht is estimated at 300 million dollars.


Al Said

Al Said estimated at 300 million dollars was constructed for the Omani sultan Kubas bin Said. The length of the yacht is 155 meters. On the yacht can be at the same time up to 70 guests and crew from 154 people. It has a helipad, elevator and a concert hall, in which the orchestra from 50 people can be placed.



Originally Pelorus yacht was built for a businessman from Saudi Arabia, but in 2004 it was bought by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. After the divorce his ex-wife got the yacht, and subsequently Pelorus was acquired by the American magnate David Geffen for 300 million dollars. The yacht has a length of 115 meters, two helipads, a garage filled with a variety of vehicles, including jet skis.


Al Mirqab

The last place in Top-10 of luxury yachts is taken by Al Mirqab which costs 250 million dollars. This yacht belongs to the former prime minister of Qatar Hamad bin Jasim bin Jaber bin Mahomed al Tani.

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